Asia Argento was one of the leading voices in the #MeToo movement up until two weeks ago. Argento was one of the first women to come forward about the horrendous acts of Harvey Weinstein, but now she is getting Me Too'd herself. It was reported the Argento paid off former child actor Jimmy Bennett to keep quiet about a sexual encounter between the two. The actress and director denied the claims at first, but TMZ got their hands on incriminating evidence that proved Argento slept with Bennett when he was 17 years old. In the state of California, that is statutory rape. After post-sex pics of the two leaked online, and an entire conversation where Argento admits to sleeping with Bennett accompanied it, the slow unraveling of the actress' career began.

Argento was dating the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain before he passed away, and she also claimed that he helped finance the Bennett pay off money. Now, according to BuzzFeed NewsCNN is pulling all episodes of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown that features Argento. She appeared in two episodes of the show, one in Rome and one in Southern Italy. She also directed the "Hong Kong" episode in season 11, in which Bourdain opines about her love. "To fall in love with Asia is one thing. To fall in love in Asia is another. Both have happened to me," he stated. All three episodes have been removed from CNN's catalog.