The homes of noted Democrats Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton and her husband former president Bill Clinton were sent packages believed to contain explosive devices. Since then, CNN's main office in Manhattan has also received a similar package. CNN's Jessica Schneider described the package as containing "pipes and wires," in the very least resembling a makeshift bomb. 

The CNN team who'd reported on the first two packages sent to Clinton(s) and Obama, were soon relieved of their "on-the-job" responsibilities and evacuated from the building to make way for an NYPD bomb squad.

The mysterious package has since arrived at an NYPD locale where it will undergo further testing. CNN's chief executive Jeff Zucker assured his staff that all CNN offices Worldwide have been "checked" for invasive "bomb-like" objects," in a company-wide memo.

"I can confirm that we have checked all of our bureaus worldwide, and have found no other devices have been found," wrote Zucker. "We are working with authorities to determine the severity of the situation."

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders condemned the errant attempts in a written statement, as did VP Mike Pence. The World of American Politics is exerting caution while the nature of the threat is sussed out.