The co-founder of both Vine and HQ Trivia was found dead yesterday in his Manhattan apartment. According to TMZ, his girlfriend asked the police if they could go and check on him after she tried and failed to get in touch with him. When they arrived they found him in a bedroom with "drug paraphernalia" nearby. The paraphernalia was, according to what TMZ calls "law enforcement sources," meant for use with heroine or cocaine. 

Kroll was known for founding some of the biggest apps of our time, like Vine, which created a huge cultural shift in the way we consume videos and media in general, although it was shut down in 2017 when its owner, Twitter, realized it would be impossible to compete with Instagram. After Vine, Kroll came up with the hugely popular game HQ Trivia, in which users participate in live "broadcasted" trivia games for no cost and with the possibility of winning a share of the prize money pot. 

The people at HQ Trivia posted a tribute to Kroll: