According to TMZ, the 2019 edition of Coachella has incited a nasty outbreak of herpes. Initially reported by HerpAlert, the internet's number one resource in diagnosing the STD, the outbreak was caused by, you guessed it, a spike in sexual activity in and around festival grounds.

As comprehensive as HerpAlert's findings look to the naked eye, they only represent a slender sample size of empirical data; the app's only been in existence for a mere two years. Mind you, it's no secret that festivals and borderline conduct go hand in the hand, especially in the advent of the 21 century. The celebrities who attend Coachella aren't necessarily exempt from the pandemic either, even if they keep to themselves.

HerpAlert works off anonymous data submitted (automatically) by doctor's when they filed prescriptions to pharmacies for herpes-related meds/ailments. According to their findings, 1,105 cases were reported as of Day One of Coachella 2019, in the Indio, Palm Desert, and the surrounding region. To put that in perspective, HerpAlert says the area usually handles around 12 cases per day on average. When the Oscars are in town, that number usually swells to 60-a-day, but as you can see: Coachella is a whole other beast.