I guess it was pretty silly to believe that a festival as big as Coachella would actually make a mistake in Gucci Mane's billing. When fans noticed that "Gucci Gang" was on the card for the upcoming dates, everybody was confused. Did they mean to write Lil Pump? Was it a typo in Gucci Mane's name? The consensus ended up being that they actually meant to write Gucci Mane. His photos were being shown on their website, after all. However, after a quick update, it appears as though there wasn't a typo at all. They did mean to write "Gucci Gang" because the trio of Gucci Mane, Smokepurpp and Lil Pump will be debuting in April.

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Previous reports appear to have been incorrect in stating that the organizers made a typo in Gucci Mane's name. The artist page for "Gucci Gang" has been updated on the official Coachella website to include both Pump and Purpp in the photo section, linking fans to their social media platforms as well. So, it seems we may have all taken the L on this one. 

Guwop and Lil Pump have a few songs together so it makes sense that they would collaborate on a set at one of the biggest festivals in the world. Add Smokepurpp into the mix and people will be flocking to their stage. Are you buying tickets to Coachella?