What was once a failed business venture by Cola-Cola is about to make a big return decades after it was initially launched. With the major success of Stranger Things, companies are hoping that their projects that didn't take off as expected in the 80s fare better in 2019. Such is the case with Coca-Cola, who have just announced that New Coke will be making a return to coincide with the new season of Stranger Things

The product is featured in the upcoming season of the popular Netflix series, which is based in 1985. In the same year, Coca-Cola debuted a brand new recipe to its famous beverage, which was not received well at all. According to CNN, it was pulled from shelves mere months after it first impacted the world. As a way to promote the show, New Coke is officially making a return and it also serves as a way for the major corporation to poke some fun at themselves. The return of New Coke is a way for Coca-Cola heads to "not take ourselves too seriously" according to Stuart Kronauge, the President of Coke's business unit. 

"Maybe a while ago we wouldn't have done this," he continued. "But we're changing and trying to innovate in ways that are beyond traditional new products. This is a cultural innovation." Do you think this will pay off for Coke? Will New Coke stick around for longer than the first go-around?