Colby Covington is one of the most hated men in the UFC as he constantly trash-talking and using his politics as a way to create rivalries. Ironically enough, the "stick to sports" crowd loves him although that's primarily because he is on their side. Last night, Covington was in attendance at UFC 261 as Kamaru Usman knocked out Jorge Masvidal in the second round.

Covington has already lost to Usman in the past although now, Covington is a prime contender for the welterweight title and will probably get a rematch against Usman. After the fight, Covington was talking spicy and stated that Usman's win wasn't even impressive, claiming that Masvidal is a bum with 20 losses to his name.

Colby Covington

Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

“It took eight minutes longer than I would finish Jorge Masvidal in every time we trained,” Covington said. “That guy is a journeyman. What’s he got: 15, 20 losses on his record? You shouldn’t be happy or praising yourself for beating a journeyman like that. There’s a reason he’s a backstabber. He’s a street Judas. He’s a bum. If I lost the next 12 fights in a row, I’d still have a better record than journeyman Masvidal.”

Many on the internet were quick to remind Covington that the last time he fought Usman, he got his jaw broken. As it turns out, Usman is a much better puncher than people believed, and in a second fight, Covington could be taught a lesson, very quickly.

You can find the full extent of his comments, below.