Ever since Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the National Anthem back in 2016, it seemed as though the NFL had it out for him. Despite leading the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance and being a serviceable quarterback, Kap was unable to find work in the league and it has led to claims that he was blackballed. Kap's biggest supporter has been former teammate Eric Reid who now plays on the Carolina Panthers. Reid called out Jay Z recently for a deal he made with the NFL that didn't involve Kaepernick's input.

Today, Kaepernick took to Twitter with an epic workout video of him launching passes to Reid down the field. The video seems pretty recent, and Kap made sure to thank Reid for his support over the years.

"You never turned your back on me or the people, even when the nfl tried to silence your voice & the movement. You’ve never flinched or wavered. I love you Brother! Let’s get it!" Kap wrote.

Kaepernick looks incredibly in shape in the video and his arm strength appears to have not missed a single beat. There's probably a team out there who could use his services right now, although it remains to be seen if anyone will go out on a limb and take the chance.

Would you want to see Kap on your team next season?