Now that The Rise Of Skywalker has done its worldwide rounds, fans are beginning to wonder about what could have been. The latest Star Wars trilogy was divisive, experimental, and record-breaking. Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren will be forever immortalized although we won't see them on screen anymore. Colin Trevorrow was originally slated to direct the ninth Star Wars film, but he left due to creative differences. Now, Collider is confirming that a leaked version of that scraped script has been circulating online. 

The film was originally titled Duel of the Fates, which is the name of John William's epic Star Wars theme that premiered in The Phantom Menace. The leaked script, which is explained in Robert Meyer Burnett YouTube video and a StarWarsLeaks subreddit breakdown, highlights several big differences between The Rise of Skywalker and Duel Of Fates. There is no Emperor Palpatine, and Kylo Ren spends much of the film haunted by the ghost of Luke Skywalker. There is also a spiritual showdown of sorts between Ren and Darth Vader at the latter's evil castle (which was seen in Rogue One). Rose also gets a much larger role in Duel Of the Fates, and it's revealed that Kylo actually killed Rey's parents some time after they leave her. Check out the breakdown from Robert Meyer Burnett below.