Indianapolis Colts All-Pro linebacker Darius Leonard was kicked out of a Chipotle restaurant earlier this week, during a dispute in which police were threatened to be called. Leonard spoke about the incident on ESPN's First Take, Friday. 

Darius Leonard, Colts, ChipotleJustin Casterline / Getty Images

"When you think about being a Black male now in America, and to hear that they want to involve the police -- the first thing that went in my mind was I have a wife and a kid," Leonard said. "If the police is involved, you're thinking you're not making it home. For me to have to sit there and think that my life is in jeopardy just because I'm sitting there eating with my family, not causing no problem, is scary."

"That's what being Black in America is right now," Leonard said in a video on Instagram. "Us not even doing anything wrong, going out to eat with your family, just trying to spend a little bit of quality time. You can't even enjoying eating anymore."

The manager alleged that customers reported Leonard being verbally abusive.

The Colts also released a statement, expressing their support for Leonard: "Darius's experience demonstrates the struggle so many Black Americans and people of color face every day," the team said. "It also demonstrates why we need serious action from our government leaders, law enforcement, businesses, and everyday Americans to end systemic racism and injustice and to continue this important dialogue on how to inspire positive change in our country."

Chipotle has suspended the manager involved.

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