Lil Duval, comedian, part-time artist -- the man behind "Wat Dat Mouf Do" -- and friend of many Southern hip-hop stars, is known for being outspoken on social media. The creator of the controversial "itaintrape" hashtag has been met with more backlash for his take on the viral drama that has recently ensued between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Last week, it was reported that Chyna made a sudden flee from Rob's house and left with their five-week-old child Dream Kardashian. Rob took to social media to confirm rumors of Chyna's abandonment, expressing his devastation, and yesterday, he owned up to some of his mistakes and pledged to become a better man for Chyna and their daughter. 

Instead of seeking help for himself, though Duval thinks Rob should opt for a different solution. "Yo Rob Kardashian.......beat her," he wrote on Twitter. 

Duval went to repost his alarming tweet to his Instagram and clarify what he meant, explaining that a woman like Chyna -- a "hood bitch," in his words -- can "only understand through physical combat." His post is meant to be read in the voice of Celie, Whoopi Goldberg's character in "The Color Purple." Much of what Duval posts on social media should be taken in jest, though his words here seem especially dangerous. Hopefully he'll soon provide more clarification in order to indicate that he doesn't think Rob should actually beat the mother of his newborn child.