On Saturday, it was confirmed that Black Rob died. The former Bad Boy rapper's death arrived a week after fans expressed concern over the state of his health. Rob shared his condolences to DMX shortly before news of the Yonkers' legend death from a hospital bed. He was released a day later but he revealed he was homeless and suffering from major health issues.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Diddy faced enormous criticism in the wake of Rob's condition since Mike Zombie and Mark Curry both helped launch a GoFundMe to get Rob situated. Many felt Diddy, especially given his wealth and status, shouldn't have allowed Rob's situation to get as dire before intervening.

Others, however, felt like the criticism was unnecessary. Cormega took to Instagram today where he dispelled rumors and negativity surrounding Diddy's name. He explained that Diddy previously included Rob on the Bad Boy tour and apparently, helped him out more recently.

"Diddy looked out for him recently. Diddy is handling the funeral arrangements. If you can’t match what he’s done you should not blame a man for someone’s death," he said, adding that he continued to work alongside Rob, even when he wasn't in the limelight. "I think it would be better served if people reserve their words for condolences to the family and for positive moments instead of the divisive speculation that stops us from unifying and growing as a culture," he continued before paying his respect to Rob and those close to him. 

"RIP ROB salute to all who stand for something condolences to his family condolences to his Bad Boy peers condolences to the fans who respect his music," he concluded.

Check the post out below.