In a greater historical context, the rise and fall of Tekashi 6ix9ine was a blink-and-you-missed-it affair. Though the jury is still out on what a post-prison 6ix9ine might look like (especially given that they don't have rainbow dye in prison), many of his peers have openly turned their backs on him. Even those who once collaborated with him have since decried his ways; after all, snitching remains one of hip-hop's cardinal sins. It got so bad that even Comethazine felt compelled to weigh in, lining up some subliminals in his recent "FIND HIM!" single.

JP Yim/Getty Images

The track finds him rapping "sixty-nine n***s and all of 'em rats, he say he gon' get me, don't trip off of that." Naturally, many pieced two and two together, but Comethazine made sure to clarify his intention for the ones in the back. "N***s think I'm dissing 6ix9ine," he says, during a sit down with Genius. "I definitely was though. But shit, you can take it how you want it. It's not necessarily a diss. I said 69 n***as, it could have been 70 n***as, it could have been 68, could have been 65. I wanted to say 69 so I did."

Whether he keeps the same energy if and when Tekashi gets out remains to be seen, but his voice and stance is but one of many. Is the Rainbow Wonder officially done?