Even when he's not involved in the slightest, somehow Russ keeps on piling up L's. The artist has become target enemy numero uno ever since J. Cole became friends withLil Pump, leaving the "Gucci Gang" rapper to shift his attention. While Russ has been getting clowned for a minute because of his stance on drug use in hip-hop, the "Fuck Russ" movement is seemingly taking shape before our very eyes. You'll recall him wearing a t-shirt and making statements that attacked the glorification of drug use in music and, although his intention was certainly not to offend anybody, he failed to take into account the many stories of addiction that people face in reality. Playing off the name of a drug, Comethazine decided to chime in on the situation, choosing his side.

As one would expect, Comethazine is onboard with the uttering of "Fuck Russ," uploading his diss to Instagram. Not adding more than the simple phrase, the young rapper has made his point clear. None of the rappers going after Russ likely have any personal issues with him. He's an easy target right now since everybody is clowning him but, at the end of the day, he still has a major fanbase and is making way more money than most people so he's doing something right.

Which side are you taking? Is it "Fuck Russ" or should he be left alone?