Common's new album Nobody's Smiling was a joint effort with producer No I.D., but it seems their relationship has gone even further than that, and in the process, G.O.O.D. Music was sidetracked. Common revealed to MTV News that he's no longer officially on the G.O.O.D. Music label when it comes to business, rather, he's signed to No I.D.'s Artium imprint on Def Jam.

Talking to Sway, Com revealed that Kanye West had absolutely no role in Nobody's Smiling, in fact Common just sent the LP to Ye recently. Common spoke on how it was No I.D. who really drove the project's direction this time.

"I'm on Artium, G.O.O.D. Music that's still my family, Ye is my brother. Point-blank business-wise, Ye wasn't really like 'okay, let's go do this, let's go do this album.' It was like, 'I'm 'bout to go do this album Ye, we friends but if we ain't gonna create together it's all good, we still brothers.' I think his focus was somewhere else," Common explained.

Common still said he was grateful for Kanye's friendship, which means more to him than a working relationship.

Watch the MTV clip below.

Has leaving G.O.O.D. affected Common's latest album at all? What do you think?