Award shows are famed for including some of the most memorable performances of the year. Typically, the most monumental musical displays come from shows that center on the music industry but, for those who enjoy a good score, the Academy Awards always have a few tricks up their sleeves to bring the big screen to the stage. This year, they've tapped Common, Miguel, Mary J. Blige and Sufjan Stevens to perform music from some of the films that are up for the most prominent nominations.

The strong line-up will likely be performing tracks from their respective forays into film sound, wherever applicable, as Mary J. Blige is up in the running for Best Supporting Actress in Mudbound, while Sufjan Stevens will be performing his song from the acclaimed Call Me By Your Name. Common and Miguel are scheduled to showcase renditions of songs from Marshall and Coco, respectively. Any film scholar will tell you that sound is essential to any successful movie as so much goes into the production and postproduction of a movie sound-wise.

The group is all incredibly talented and they will likely knock their performances out of the park. The Oscar ceremony takes place on March 4th and it will be the award show's 90th edition of the affair. Have you checked out any of the nominees and what is your favorite to win it all this year?

[via Complex]