The romance between Common and Tiffany Haddish is still going strong. The rap-comedy couple recently shared that they've made their relationship official, and Tiffany has stated in interviews that she's in love with the Chicago rap icon. Common is a bit coyer about sharing details about his personal life, but he chatted with Kelly Clarkson about what it's been like dating a comedian.

Common, Tiffany Haddish, Kelly Clarkson, Comedy
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"I'm definitely funny but in a corny way," he said. "It's not hard dating a comedian but it's definitely—I don't try to keep up with her jokes. Even though I throw mine in, she's on another level. It does encourage me because sometimes she'll say some jokes that are not as funny, and she's courageous enough to do it, so it just makes me feel more inspired to do stuff that doesn't work."

Common added that Haddish "for sure" tries out her new material with him and he's brutally honest with her on whether it's funny or not. "I gotta be truthful with her and caring. I'm caring but I'm honest. I'm not gon' let her go out if I think something is not fresh and not say nothing. And if a joke is not really funny, I'm not gon' fake laugh."

The rap legend also discussed playing in the celebrity basketball game, earning the MVP trophy, and how he was able to do a bit of bragging against fellow Chicago native Chance The Rapper who gave him guff on the court. Watch below.