Bridgeport, Connecticut was in for a shock when its citizens learned of the sudden resignation of Police Chief, Armando Perez. It would come to light that Perez’s decision was not merely an unorthodox career move, but came on the heels of being charged by federal prosecutors with wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and two counts of lying to federal investigators.

These charges stem from federal prosecutors’ belief that Perez collaborated with Bridgeport Personnel Director, David Dunn, to cheat a 2018 police chief exam in Perez’s favor.

Dunn (who has been charged with the same crimes as Perez, minus one count of lying to federal investigators) is accused of sharing test questions with Perez in advance of the test and commissioned two employees beneath him to pen exam essays on Perez’s behalf. Excelling in the exam resulted in Perez acquiring a five-year work contract, which granted him $300,000 for accrued leave alone.

United States Attorney, Audrey Strauss said of the case, “As alleged, Chief Perez and Personnel Director Dunn schemed to rig the purportedly impartial and objective search for a permanent police chief to ensure the position was awarded to Perez, and then repeatedly lied to federal agents in order to conceal their conduct.”

She continued, “Bridgeport’s citizens and police officers deserve leaders with integrity who are committed to enforcing, not breaking, the law, and we thank the FBI for their partnership in investigating and uncovering the scheme alleged.”

Bridgeport mayor, Joe Ganim announced via twitter on Thursday afternoon that Dunn and Perez had turned themselves in to authorities, with former assistant Chief Rebecca Garcia serving as Acting Police Chief for the time being.