Conor McGregor is one of the most interesting men in the UFC. He is easily one of their best fighters and when it comes to his out of the octagon antics, he is always getting himself into some trouble that finds its way into the news cycle. As of right now, McGregor is living his best life at home where he has been able to escape the chaotic lifestyle that the UFC usually provides him. It remains to be seen when he will have to fight next and the interim, he is enjoying the time off.

In a recent video posted to social media, McGregor can be seen engaging in something truly bizarre while sunbathing at his home. As you can see in the clip below, McGregor has a jar of dead bees that have been marinated in macadamia nut powder. After expressing some confusion as to what he is holding, McGregor takes a swig of bees and chows down.

The UFC fighter didn't seem too pleased with what he was eating but realistically, how could he? Eating insects doesn't seem appetizing even if they do supposedly contain a ton of protein. 

With this clip in mind, one thing is certain: McGregor needs to get back in the octagon.