Back in March, Conor McGregor was involved in an incident outside of a Miami nightclub where he took the phone of a fan who was trying to get a picture and smashed it on the ground. It was a pretty interesting scene that was caught on surveillance footage. McGregor ended up getting arrested and while he was quickly let go, he was still facing some charges that could land him in prison. McGregor was also being sued by the victim, Ahmed Abdirzak, although they eventually settled out of court.

According to TMZ Sports, Abdirzak is no longer in the United States and is refusing to come back so that he can help convict McGregor. Because of this development, all of the charges have been dropped in the case, which means the Irish UFC fighter is officially off the hook.

"The victim of the crime does not wish to return to the United States and prosecute this case," prosecutor Khalil Madani explained on Monday. 

It's unclear as to how much money McGregor gave Abdirzak in the settlement, although it must have been a pretty hefty amount considering Abdirzak doesn't want to pursue any more legal action. 

This ruling will now allow McGregor to set up a fight without having to think about a potential prison sentence.