Conor McGregor has already said that he'll step inside a boxing ring to fight Floyd Mayweather if the price is right, but what about WWE's squared circle where there's much less of a risk of being injured?

According to McGregor's agent, they're willing to entertain an offer from Vince McMahon.

"I think it's all about business, man," Audie Attar said on ESPN's 5ive Rounds podcast. "If [WWE] is going to come with an offer, we are willing to entertain it. We are here. Have their people call his people – which is me. We can have a conversation."

Given how good McGregor is on the mic and how mainstream he has gotten it's a no-brainer that WWE would be interested in having him step inside the ring for a major event like Wrestlemania, even if he's only throwing one jab.

Triple H was on hand for UFC 205 in New York City and he praised McGregor's personality, skills and ability to work the mic and even compared the champ to Floyd Mayweather, who also dabbled in professional wrestling once.

"[McGregor] could do just as well as Floyd Mayweather when he fought the Big Show," Triple H said.

Conor McGregor has already said that he thinks most of the guys on the WWE roster are pussies, so the groundwork has already been laid for his WWE appearance but now it seems as though the pressure is on Vince McMahon to make him an offer he can't refuse.