Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul were the talk of social media last night as Jake went and stole Floyd's hat in the middle of an interview. This all took place at a promotional event for the upcoming fight between Mayweather and Jake's brother Logan. Overall, Jake ended up stealing the show from Logan and now, the whole incident has turned into a meme all while Jake has created merch for it. Clearly, this whole thing was just a tad staged although it doesn't take away from the genius marketing.

Despite all of the fun that was had, there is still one man who isn't laughing. That man is none other than Conor McGregor, who fought Floyd over three years ago. In a rant on Instagram, Conor ripped into Floyd, saying that the situation is actually quite sad.

Floyd Mayweather & Jake Paul

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Per McGregor

"The kid curled up, didn’t fight back once, and Floyd is still running around acting the tough guy. The kid actually just pulled this shambles of a situation Floyd is in out of the drain for him. He should thank him. It’s embarrassing! Pro to pro it’s embarrassing. He will not scratch 10m for this fight and he knows it. It was cancelled once already. The world is watching this on Twitter. He’d fight a half decent pro and command 20m upwards, yet its this shit. Whatever way you spin this, it’s sad. Fight someone for real, on your record, or fuck off mate. Slap head!

We all know that McGregor wants to fight against Floyd again and he is mostly using this rant as a way to extend the rivalry. However, at this point, Floyd seems a lot more content with fighting in exhibitions.