Conor McGregor is an all-time fierce competitor in the UFC, but he shouldn't be considering a career in the MLB because after throwing last night's first pitch in Chicago, he's being clowned for his arm.

The Notorious McGregor might be able to knock out some of the world's best fighters but he can't be trusted as a baseball pitcher, as was evidenced at the Chicago Cubs game on Tuesday night. The brawler was in attendance to throw the night's first pitch, being cheered on from the mound as he warmed up. He looked to be taking it all pretty seriously, but when he released the ball from his hand, his pitch didn't come anywhere near the catcher.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Being compared to some of the worst all-time first pitches in baseball history, including 50 Cent's blunder and Dr. Anthony Fauci's poor toss last year, Conor McGregor might have thrown the most horrendous pitch ever, flinging the ball with his left hand and landing it nowhere near the intended target. The catcher was visibly shocked when Conor's pitch nearly landed in the first row, missing the mark by a large amount.

It may be early to deem this one of the worst throws in modern baseball history, but it has to come close. This was bad. Check it out below.