Conor McGregor was a massive favorite going into his fight against Dustin Poirier last night. Of course, McGregor defeated Poirier over six years ago and fans figured he would pull off more of the same. When the fight started, McGregor seemed to be in top form, and in the eyes of many judges, he won the first round. However, the second round was a completely different story as Poirier hit him with a surprise hook, that eventually left him dazed and confused. From there, Poirier finished the fight with a complete knockout.

Following the match, McGregor showed respect to Poirier and took his loss like a man, as he noted that he was gutted. Overall, it was a humbling moment for a fighter who has talked a big game over the years.

Immediately following the knockout, the internet did its thing as McGregor was on the receiving end of some brutal memes. While some analysts gave a rational perspective on McGregor, it's clear that many were more occupied with making jokes. In the tweets below, you can see a lot of people depicted McGregor sleeping, while others incorporated Bernie Sanders.

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