The R-rated movie, Joker, has been subjected to much controversy since its release. The DC Comics movie broke Box Office records over the weekend, dragging in $93.5 million solely in the US. Although it marked one of the highest debuts for a film, some people were not particularly pleased for several reasons.

First, some complained about the excess of violence in the movie. Others complained that the movie makes viewers empathize with the villain. However, the ''humanization of villains'' in movies and television is not necessarily a new phenomenon. This is pretty evident in classic films such as Good Fellas, the GodFather,Scarface and so on.

The feature of the Gary Glitter's 1972 hit ''Rock and Roll Part 2'' sparked the most controversy. Glitter, a convicted pedophile, is now set up to earn big royalties for allowing his recording to be used in the Joker movie. He is expected to receive a big sum of money for the lengthy scene depicted as the Joker character dances down a flight of stairs outside of his Gotham City apartment. 

The Joker movie has already received a lot of success and awards. If anything, all these controversies are just helping it gain even more attention. 

Have you guys caught the film yet, and if so, any thoughts on all these controversies?