It looks like Conway has some heat in the stash. The Griselda MC has been preparing for the release of his forthcoming project, God Don't Make Mistakes which is due out later this year. However, a snippet of a new freestyle surfaced earlier today from a possible new mixtape where Conway got honest about comments he previously made about Eminem.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In a post shared to Riki P's Instagram page, Conway offered some bars over Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Jail" off of Donda. The rapper glides over the production but it was a handful of bars that caught everyone's attention. Conway offered an update on his relationship with Eminem, indicating that there's been slight tension following his interview on Vlad TV in 2019 where he called Eminem fans "nerds and stans."

"Would you love me if you knew the old me?/ Before the bag, before the rollie/ Before I signed a deal with Shady with the brody/ Speaking of Shady, man, after my interview I did with Vlad I felt awful/ But I learned you gotta watch what you say in interviews, it could cost you/ One could say my relationship better with Ye than with Marshall/ But I still ain’t nothing bad to ever say about Marshall/Just keeping it funky, I’m thankful for Marshall/ Man, I'm thankful for Tracy and Paul, too."

Riki P also suggested that the latest freestyle could be coming out as part of a new mixtape before the release of God Don't Make Mistakes. "If I heard clearly, La Maquina is dropping a teaser (guessing a mixtape) before the release of ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes’ on February 25th 2022. I won’t leak anything else but at least you get a taste of what’s to come," he wrote. 

Check out the snippet below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.