On his quest to become the best rapper alive, Conway The Machine has crossed paths with many of the greatest to ever do it. He signed with Eminem and collaborated with him on "Bang." He received some heartfelt words of encouragement from Jay-Z following an emotional performance of "The Cow." He received the torch from none other than Nasir Jones.

While the list goes on, there remains one legendary veteran who has yet to publically cross paths with The Machine: Dr. Dre, who has been hard at work on a mysterious project that may or may not be DetoxAs it happens, Conway actually did have an encounter with the Doc, as he details during an appearance on Complex's "Brackets" series with B. Dot Miller.

Conway The Machine

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After B. Dot inquires about the possibility of a Dr. Dre collaboration, Conway shares a bit of insight on the topic. "I been to his house, I been to his lab," responds The Machine. "I was listening to some of the songs he's been working on. He played me some beats. I believe it's going to happen soon, I hope it do. I'm just a student. I was just enjoying being there, soaking up game. Being around the Doc. Hopefully it happens soon man, sooner than later. That's an icon and a legend. That's some bucket list shit for me as well."

Keeping in line with the Shady/Aftermath topic, B. Dot proceeds to ask about Conway's upcoming God Don't Make Mistakes, his first solo release on Eminem's Shady Records. "It's done, it's handed in," confirms Machine. "It's ready to go. We locked and loaded. We should be getting ya'll that shit this summer sometime. July, June. Hopefully sometime like that. Definitely this year." 

While it's uncertain as to whether or not Dr. Dre will bless Machine with some production in the near future, the fact that he was invited to the Doc's lab certainly bodes well in that regard. Check out his appearance on Brackets below, a genuinely interesting watch for anyone who appreciates hip-hop history.

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WATCH:Conway The Machine on "Brackets"