Though Deluxe Editions have begun to feel like a fleeting trend, that's not to say that they've gone completely out of style. In fact, Conway The Machine is still awaiting the release of his own updated From King To A God, which has yet to land an official date. Given how prolific he is, and how he's still looking to deliver God Don't Make Mistakes before the year is over, it's unlikely that The Machine will follow the trend and provide a brand new album packaged as From King To A God deluxe; expect him to take things back to basics with one or two new tracks, though anything is certainly possible.


 Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Either way, the Buffalo lyricist isn't ready to move on from his acclaimed project quite yet -- not while he's still got some visuals for the emotionally powerful "Forever Dropping Tears" slated for release. "FKTG Deluxe otw," he confirms, taking to Instagram to share a preview of the video. "We Fuckin the streets up some more real soon! Forever droppin tears video directed by @chopnshoot otw." 

It's a damn good time to be a fan of Conway The Machine, who continues to flood the game with new music on what feels like a daily basis. Today, he came through to join J.I.D. on the lyrically-focused "Ballads," a soulful cut that marked the first collaboration between Dreamville and Griselda. And not too long ago, he declared that "GDMM IS THE ILLEST AND MOST COMPLETE BODY OF WORK" of his career so far, a promising sign that he's looking to conclude his rap career on a high note.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the release of From King To A God Deluxe, as well as the new visuals for "Forever Dropping Tears."