That recent list made by Brian "B. Dot" Miller has rappers staking their claim. The podcast host released his choices for the "Top 10 Rappers of 2021 (So Far)," noting that the list is "based on skill, performance, & presence" and is "subject to change." In order, Miller chose Lil Baby, J. Cole, Lil WayneConway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, Drake, Freddie Gibbs, Nas, Jay-Z, and Jim Jones.

We previously reported on both Jones and Benny's responses, and this (June 3) evening, Conway has something to say about his inclusion, as well. Jones fired off a warning shot, stating that he's ready to rap circles around anyone else on that list. Benny shared that he's faced backlash as people have been coming at him as if he's the person responsible for choosing the artists.

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Johnny Nunez / Contributor / Getty Images

Conway, like Jones, is ready for all the bar-for-bar smoke and fans believe he was responding to his fellow New Yorker. "I see a lot Rappers mad about that list and makin posts and issuing challenges... listen the machine don’t duck NO reck... just @ me or Dm me and say u want smoke and u can get handled quick and clean (chris from the wire voice) and that’s goes for ANYBODY [robot emoji]."

Those "Top Ten" lists often get the Rap world into a tizzy and Conway clearly isn't afraid of anyone wanting to test his skills. Check out a few tweets below and let us know what you think about Conway's offer.

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