When the Black Lives Matter protests erupted worldwide in June in the wake of the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and all those that came before them, long-running reality TV series, Cops, was cancelled by Paramount Network. The decision was made because the network felt that to continue production of the show’s 33rd season simply no longer felt appropriate, given all that had transpired and the nation’s consequent social climate. 

Production has since resumed in September, however it appears the show will no longer be airing in the United States; Paramount has wiped its slate of any traces of Cops in the network’s online presence and beyond. Nevertheless, the show’s production house, Langley Productions, has ties in Spokane County, Washington, where the show has filmed before and is recommencing filming its upcoming episodes through the month of November. 

In a press release, the Spokane County Sheriff’s office said,“[W]e have a longstanding relationship with Cops and Langley Productions, and we are pleased they have decided to return, highlighting the outstanding work our deputies provide to all of you.” 

Cops was one of many police shows cancelled amid the Black Lives matter protests, but the show began filming again in order to fulfill contractual commitments in international territories, where the show still airs.