Cordae, formally YBN Cordae, discussed his departure from the YBN crew in a new interview with TIDAL’s Elliott Wilson for Check In.

Cordae, YBN, Roddy RicchBennett Raglin / Getty Images

“Those always gonna be my brothers, in real life,” Cordae remarked. “Sometimes as friends, you grow apart and you have different visions for what you wanna do and that’s okay, there’s no love lost."

He also discussed his recently released record with Roddy Ricch, “Gifted," and the friendship between the two artists.

"We actually did that song last year in August. Me and Roddy, low key that's like one of my closest homies like in music. We just always linked and that's somebody I can call and have real-life conversations.

"His cadence is incredible and he has storytelling ability as well. He really be talking about some shit. He's a dope artist."

More music is likely on the way from Cordae, who says he's spent a huge amount of time in the studio recently: "I've been in the studio the whole pandemic, essentially. I went to see my mom for a couple of months and chill with my family and then just recording."

Cordae announced that he would be officially abandoning the YBN name after YBN Nahmir said that the group had disbanded, in August.