Over the past few years, there has been a noted rise in ownership mentality in hip-hop, with an artist's master recordings being chief among the most valuable assets. As such, many young rappers have shifted their philosophies toward the industry, taking it upon themselves to forge new paths and secure sustainable financial longevity. 

It would appear that Cordae is looking to readjust the way he maneuvers, officially confirming the creation of his own record label Hi Level Productions. The recently launched Instagram profile is described as "a family, way of life, and Record Label, 100% owned by @cordae." It's unclear as to how this new label will function alongside his existing deal with Atlantic Records, but it's likely that Cordae will be looking to release his own new music -- as well as that of any potential signees -- through this new venture.

 Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Speaking of new music, Cordae recently confirmed that his next "body of work," presumably an album, will be titled From A Bird's Eye View. Fans might recognize the title from Just Until closer "Thornton Street," where he foreshadowed the name. It will be interesting to see if project is released exclusively on Hi Level, or if Atlantic remains in the fold for the time being. 

Check out Cordae's new label below, and sure to give the page a follow if you're interested in what the young rapper is bringing to the table. Are you excited to see how this new development helps Cordae elevate to the next stage of his career?