Cordae knows how to treat his lady, taking her out on a romantic date by the water, and making her feel those butterflies all over again.

The rapper's relationship with tennis star Naomi Osaka has been scrutinized, mostly because of the rapper's middle finger pose after she won the US Open, but they look to be completely and utterly in love with one another, so why would anyone complain?

They've been dating for about a year-and-a-half, remaining lowkey for the most part. However, when they do post coupled-up pictures, the world just gushes, watching them love on each other.

This week, Cordae seemingly organized an entire dinner for his girlfriend, taking her to a romantic island spot by the water and sprinkling rose petals all over a private outdoor villa they ate inside. A live musician provided the sounds of the evening.

Following her date with Cordae, Naomi shared a short video where she laughs with the rapper, writing: "I felt like I was in a movie."

This definitely looks like one of those dates that anybody would remember for the rest of their lives. 

Cordae has been rumored to be dropping a full-length project soon and, especially after the release of his Roddy Ricch collaboration this summer, it couldn't come any sooner. We'll let him enjoy his downtime with his partner though. They deserve it.