The build-up to Cordae's sophomore album was plentiful. With lead singles, a YouTube documentary series, a U.S. tour announcement and other promotional tactics, fans were thrilled to finally receive the album.

From A Bird's Eye View released on Jan. 14, with a stellar feature roster of Gunna, Freddie Gibbs, Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder, Roddy Ricch and moreThe album re-asserted Cordae's soulful, storytelling prowess and impeccable consistency. He is so sure of this project's quality, that he considers it an indictment on your taste if you disagree: "Obviously, I'm not where Kanye was when he made 808s and Heartbreak, like, success-wise, but I got so much confidence in the music that I make that if you don't like my music, you just got poor taste."

But, when the projections began to come in for the album's sales, fans were bewildered by how low they were. The album was expected to sell 21,000 units, which is less than his debut album The Lost Boy that debuted at No. 13 with 25,000 sales.

However, the prediction was higher than actuality, as the official number of album sales for Cordae came in at 20,000 units.

According to HitsDailyDouble, From A Bird's Eye View debuted at No. 18 on the Billboard 200, likely lower than Cordae and his team expected.

Although the album demonstrated great maturity and musicality from Cordae, its sales numbers do not reflect that. 

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