If you didn't catch 80's child actor Corey Feldman's "Today" Show performance, it's an exercise in celebrity self-entitlement and the surreal circus that is life in 2016. After his musical number was panned by by publications and plebeians alike, Corey Feldman wept publicly. Returning to the "Today" Show for his comeback performance, Corey Feldman started off hot, comparing himself to the white GOAT Marshall Mathers. Apparently, it was the spirit of Eminem that gave Feldman the strength to try again:

"A friend of mine who actually helped—he’s an investor of mine—named Brian McMullen, he was on the phone with me and I was all depressed and I was crying. And he said, ‘Think of it this way. When Kiss first started, when Eminem first started, when Nirvana first started, they all got hate. People were turning them off at the radio stations. People were walking off the dance floor at the clubs because it didn’t make sense to them at that time. But those all became amazing legends.’ "

Will Eminem respond? Will Feldman and Mathers collab? We've linked video of that pre-performance interview below, and will update this article with his actual musical performance once it becomes available.