Corey Feldman, an actor/singer most known for his string of successful films in the 1980s, was attacked last night in San Fernando Valley. The Lost Boys star was in his car when he and his bodyguard were approached by three strangers. Feldman's protector became distracted by the three unidentified men when another vehicle quickly approached the scene. 

The assailant then jumped out and stabbed Feldman in the abdomen before he and his cohorts quickly fled the scene. The actor has since been taken to a nearby hospital, where he is being treated for his wound. The LAPD are currently investigating the incident, with Feldman revealing via Twitter that authorities are considering the case as an attempted homicide.

Feldman has also go on record to note how he regularly receives threats on social media from a group of individuals known as a "vile wolfpack," with Tuesday night's stabbing being an extreme manifestation of such online hatred. 

Furthermore, the actor has recently testified in favour of the Child Victims Act, which seeks to grant sexual assault victims with more time to sue their abusers in the state of New York. Feldman is a well-known survivor of such crimes, and is looking to seek justice for others who have experienced similarly traumatizing situations.