Although 2020 is almost at an end, it seems as though Coronavirus is not done with us just yet. After traumatizing many, and impacting the lives of literally everyone in the world, people started to think the end was near, once the vaccine was announced. But even after some reassuring news from some of the country's elites, a lot of us were placed back into lockdown. Being put on lockdown is not new for many of us, however, we are starting to learn about some of the new and odd side-effects that come from it. 

New reports are suggesting that the heightened use of antibiotics throughout the year has resulted in the spread of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, dismally named "super gonorrhea".

Apparently, the spread of the disease has gotten so worrisome, that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has had to get involved. Yes, the same organization that first told us about COVID-19. 

According to the WHO, while the coronavirus pandemic was going on, many doctors and hospitals used antibiotics to treat patients and prevent cross-infection within the hospital's population. This seemingly innocent strategy that was meant to keep the public safe, has now become a problem that many of us could never have foreseen - a coronavirus motivated strain of gonorrhea.

News of this comes just a year after we learned that gonorrhea cases were at an all-time high