The novel coronavirus has taken over the world, being classified as a global pandemic and invoking fear in the hearts of billions. As we continue to practice social distancing through self-quarantine methods, we hope to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. There aren't many tests available to the public right now and, given the novel status of the illness, it will likely take over one year for a vaccine to be developed. As we brace ourselves for what's looking set to be a pretty rough next few months, a U.S.-based company called Everlywell has just announced the first at-home coronavirus test, which should help identify even more cases of the virus.

COronavirus test
CDC/Getty Images

Beginning March 23, Everlywell will be adding a COVID-19 option to their home testing offers. Initially, the CDC was solely allowed to carry out testing for the virus but, according to Time, the FDA has allowed certified labs to issue their own tests. Everlywell, based in Texas, is the first company to present a wide testing option for COVID-19, promising quick results online. Overnight shipping to the lab is included.

Still, a doctor will need to prescribe the test for you to be able to order it. The kit reportedly includes a swab for the back of your throat and for your nose, and it costs $135. 

If you are not showing symptoms, it is still being advised to practice social distancing.