Country star Brett Eldredge woke up in his Caribbean villa yesterday morning and headed for the bathroom to relieve himself, as any man would do. Had he been in the daze that would normally ensue after a night of island boozing, he could have had lost his manhood forever. Luckily, he peered down into the bowl and immediately decided not to let his snake out of its cage. There was already a big one sitting in the toilet. 

After spotting the disgusting creature, Eldredge grabbed his phone to record the strange happening for his Instagram followers. Instead of calling room service and suing the hotel for exposing him to a potential injury of the worst sort, Eldredge decided to remove the serpent from the toilet water himself.

He was somehow able to pry the snake out of the toilet by getting it to latch onto a wooden stick. The snake hisses away whilst being carried out of the room, knowing it just missed an opportunity to get some blood from one of Nashville's biggest stars.