Tragedy struck those who packed an Atlanta concert venue to see rapper Cousin Stizz this past weekend, after a shooter opened fire on the crowd before any of the performers took to the stage.

According to ABC News, local authorities confirmed that the act of violence left two people dead and two people injured. Sgt. John Chafee, a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police, added that officers responded to a call from the Masquerade at Underground Atlanta and, upon arrival, found four people with gunshot wounds on the premises. One person was deemed dead at the scene while another succumbed to their injuries in hospital. The two others who were shot are expected to make a full recovery.

As the investigation stands right now, police have not identified a suspect, but are framing the incident as one where a lone gunman targeted two people before bolting from the scene. Authorities are also asking for witnesses to come forward with any information that they might have concerning the perpetrator. Cousin Stizz, for his part, reacted solemnly on Twitter afterwards, telling his fans that he was "completely heartbroken."

"Before I hit the stage in Atlanta tonight, there was a shooting in the crowd," Stizz began in a Twitter statement. "Two people died and two others were injured. I've always called my shows family reunions because they're never anything but fun, safe, good vibes and positivity. I'm in shock and at a loss of words for the senseless violence. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families." 

This incident at the Stizz show is just the latest in what feels like a barrage of violent outburst across several American states. After shooting sprees that went down in Sutherland Springs, Texas and, perhaps most horrifically, at an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas, the questions surrounding gun control and what more U.S. politicians can do to curb the death toll remain rampant throughout the music industry. When fans of a given artist stay home because they're afraid that another shooting might take place that specific night, it should give pause to everyone involved to find a solution and fast. Our condolences go out to all those affected by this tragic turn of events.

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