Jerry Jones is the most notorious owner in all of sports and frequently makes himself available to the media. His relationship with the media is an interesting one as he always appears more than happy to engage with their questions, as long as those questions don't piss him off. During his weekly hit with 105.3 The Fan, things went a little off the rails as the hosts began to ask him about the Cowboys and their poor performance over the last few weeks.

"We're not playing very well," Jones said before being asked if he was embarrassed by the team. "Get your damn act together, yourself, ok... Settle down just a little bit. We have a lot to go over now go on with your question... I don't like your attitude. I've been traveling all night and I don't have the patience to jack with you today... Just ask some questions." 

It was reported that Jones actually swore a couple of times but it was impossible for listeners to hear it because the station cuts off guests with their audio delay every time there is a curse word being used.

Overall, it was a wild scene that truly demonstrates how angry Jones is with his team right now. Things don't appear to be getting any better and as the GM, its Jones' job to make sure this team can win football games.