Sylvester Stallone stepping down as the lead in the Rocky series and allowing for a new generation of boxing fans to become invested in the story was a brilliant decision. Continuing the story of a boxer fighting with his own demons is Michael B. Jordan. In the first Creed film, we were introduced to Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo. Apollo was killed in the ring by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV ("if he dies, he dies"), leaving Adonis without a father growing up. For the sequel, Drago's son Viktor calls out Adonis, reigniting a decade's old rivalry. 

A new trailer for Creed 2 touched down today, and Jordan is looking as jacked and angry as ever. He refuses to back down from Viktor, a decision that appears to split his family and friends. Rocky advises him against it, and Jordan's girlfriend in the film, played by Tessa Thompson, thinks her man is losing his grip on reality. Several shots of training are displayed in the trailer, giving fans a look at Jordan's physique, which looks even more impressive than the last film. The training regimen for these actors must be insane. Check out the Creed 2 trailer below, and catch the 8th installment in the Rocky series when it hits theaters on November 21.