As TMZ is reporting, Cristiano Ronaldo is prepared to defend himself against allegations mounted by a UK fashion model he once dated. Jasmine Lennard claims she dated Ronaldo for well over 10 years while he was stationed in Manchester, England. After viewing Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly in its entirety, Lennard was inspired to assist in the efforts of Kathryn Mayorga, the woman who accused CR7 of rape. 

Ronaldo is quickly mobilizing his legal team in an effort to expunge Lennard's additional claims of emotional abuse (while they dated). Ronaldo contended that Lennard's claims were "false and defamatory," as a result of Lennard airing her grievances to a highly-impressionable Twitter audience. 

As for Cristiano's legal situation with Mayorga, who he reportedly met in Las Vegas back in 2009, the case is being re-opened in Nevada Court. No charges were ever formally administered. Ronaldo is unrelenting in his refusal of Mayorga's story, which accounts for him paying him $375,000 in hush money. Mayorga openly states that although she accepted the "hush money," she will refund him the proceeds in order to re-investigate the case with law enforcement officials. As it stands, Ronaldo now has two legal battles to contend with, the latest one constituting defamation, and again, no formal charges have been placed.