Another sports star has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. The Portuguese Football Federation has shared that Cristiano Ronaldo has contracted coronavirus, and because the 35-year-old has continued playing soccer for Portugal as recently as last Sunday, the league is taking all precautions necessary to ensure the health and safety of other players. According to the PFF, all other players on Portugal's squad have tested negative and of this (October 13) morning. 

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Ian Gavan / Staff / Getty Images

In a statement reportedly released by the Portuguese Football Federation, Cristiano Ronaldo is "well, without symptoms, and in isolation." Any other details about his recovery remain unknown. Just yesterday (October 12), Ronaldo posted a photo to social media that showed himself along with his entire team sharing a close-knit meal together. "United on and off the field!" he captioned the post.

There have been a number of sports stars, current and retired, who have contracted COVID-19 throughout the pandemic. Cam Newton, Patrick Ewing, Rudy Gobert, Kevin Durant, Jason Collins, Malcolm Brogdon, Nikola Jokic, and dozens of others have battled and recovered from coronavirus. Many leagues implemented "bubbles" to keep their players and staff safe, and it worked, considering there were no new cases reported.