Cuba Gooding Jr has tried and failed at getting his groping case tossed. Last month we posted about the Radio actor's attempts of calling his accuser mentally unstable in a move that he thought would eliminate her case against him. Page Six now reports how his attempts have been shut down since prosecutors have rejected the claims.

“Notably, none of these statements bear any relation to the facts of this case or to defendant’s guilt or innocence,” Assistant DA Jenna Long argued in court papers, in regards to previous blog posts the victim made about her struggles with depression and anxiety. “They were simply inflammatory comments used to embarrass and humiliate the complainant.”

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

One of her blog posts detailed how her “brain was one big fat mess … Some people are scared of others and want nothing more to be invisible. I am not that type of person. I am starving to be seen.”

Prosecutors also made it clear that Cuba's celebrity status should, and will not, change the course of the case. “Simply because a defendant has found success in his or her profession, no matter the field, does not justify thwarting criminal proceedings from advancing to trial, for a fact finder to weigh evidence and decide guilt," the motion read. 

Cuba is due back in court next month.