Cuba Gooding Jr. is heading to court for his groping case. As previously reported, the actor's legal representatives were looking into getting the case dismissed altogether over the accuser's "warped mental state." The claims stemmed from the plaintiff's blog where numerous, disturbing quotes were retrieved for review. Gooding Jr. shared "After reading and reviewing the motion to dismiss in the interest of justice, I was deeply surprised that the prosecutor's office didn’t evaluate this woman’s history before undertaking to prosecute me in light of her warped mental state as revealed by her blog." Most recently, the Oscar winner's attorneys, Mark Heller, and Peter Toumbekis motioned for a dismissal of the charges out of the belief that their client was innocent

Cuba Gooding Jr. just arrived at a Manhattan courthouse to carry through the legal proceedings. The actor is currently facing one count of a misdemeanor for forcible touching and one count of sexual abuse in the third degree. The motion to dismiss will make use of the plaintiff's blog quotes where she allegedly claimed to be starving for attention as well as to suffer from both post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder.

We expect greater details on this later.