Cuba Gooding Jr. recently turned himself in over groping allegations. And since his arrest, he was spotted with his lawyer's family. Although other serious claims have been tied to the actor, retrieved footage from a surveillance tape is now challenging one of these claims. We previously reported on a woman claiming that the famed entertained had forcibly touched her. That is by grabbing both her thigh and breast. Footage of the latter was revealed by TMZ and did show Cuba Gooding Jr. getting increasingly close with his accuser despite his girlfriend sitting right next to him. Well, TMZ has now combed through some of the footage and found a final encounter between the accuser and Gooding.

The video stamp shows that at 11:19 PM, moments after the alleged groping occurred, Cuba and his girlfriend Claudine DeNiro, along with the accuser, all walked into the rooftop deck section of the Magic Hour Rooftop Lounge. The ensuing interaction shows the accuser attempting to stick by Cuba and his girlfriend, but she gets intercepted by a security guard who gestures for her to walk in another direction. Though it remains unclear what was precisely going on, we can assume the accuser was attempting to speak with Cuba. The question is why?