Cuba Gooding Jr. has not budged when it comes to expressing his innocence after a woman accused him of groping her breasts at a New York Club last week. Since the event, Cuba has turned himself into the police and has been booked for misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree.

Since the allegations, another woman by the name of Claudia Oshry (the woman behind famed Instagram account Girl With No Job) has come forward to accuse Cuba of assault from when she was 16, surely not helping Cuba's case. 

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Video evidence from the club surrounding Cuba's latest misdemeanor sees Cuba touching the accuser in what he calls a friendly manner. Cuba claims that he put his hand on the accuser's leg in a friendly way and grabbed her hand to kiss it after she expressed her love for his 2002 film Snow Dogs. Cuba insists that he did not touch her breast especially considering that his girlfriend was sitting right next to him during his encounter with the accuser. 

“I trust the system, and the process speaks for itself,” Cuba said when he was first accused. “All I have to say is the following, in this time and age we need to let people speak for themselves, we have to let people express themselves. And now I’m giving the process the chance to show what really happened, what went down.”