Cuba Gooding Jr is in a burning hot seat as of late ever since he's been caught groping a woman's breasts and thighs. The actor turned himself in after a surveillance tape showed proof of his sexual harassing a woman in a club, despite his girlfriend being right next to him. The woman involved, who has since pressed charges, maintains that she was simply attempting to help Gooding Jr by offering him some water as he seemed to be in a "highly intoxicated" state. Though when she did, he proceeded to inappropriately grab her. Since then, Gooding Jr. continues to deny the allegations claiming he places his trust in the system. "I trust the system, and the process speaks for itself," were his exact words. Ever since the latter occurred, it seems Cuba has kept away from the cameras until recently.

According to TMZ, the famed actor was spotted sharing hugs and kisses with his daughter's lawyer, Elizabeth Heller. Currently, Gooding Jr. is represented by Elizabeth's father, Mark Heller, in the sexual abuse and forcible touching case. Moreover, it does not seem like the entertainer is lacking any sort of support from his fans and many have come to his defense since the accusations were brought up.