Cuban Doll Explains Why She Thinks Dabbing Is Scary On "How To Roll"

Aron A.
May 24, 2018 15:08

Cuban Doll joins us for the latest episode of "How To Roll."

Cuban Doll is having a hell of a run this year. Within the past few months, it seems like she's had all eyes on her and she's gearing up to do some major things in music in the coming months. She recently linked up with Lil Yachty and Lil Baby for the remix of "Bankrupt" and she just released the visuals for the song yesterday. She recently popped by our office for a special episode of "How To Roll" where she explains how to keep a pack of Backwoods fresh, getting high before an interview and why she thinks dabbing is scary.

Most rappers are pretty picky when it comes to their methods of smoking. Some rappers strictly smoke Backwoods while others are paper only. However, Cuban Doll is pretty much open to smoking out of whatever whether it be a bong or a swisher if she doesn't have anything else in the house. While she says that she smokes dabs, she does admit that she feels it's scary.

"Dabbing is so scary to me. It's like one time thing, then I be so shook up after that, like naw." She said, "I think that shit make your heart stop for like five seconds."

She also speaks on why she doesn't like edibles, how she got trolled after doing an interview high and much more on the latest episode of "How To Roll."

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HNHH TV Cuban Doll Explains Why She Thinks Dabbing Is Scary On "How To Roll"